Recommended websites and blogs

Arrowhead Miniatures

 Military vehicle kits from WW1, WW2 and the Modern era in 1/144 scale white metal and the Grandfleet 1:2000 WW1 Naval Warship range.

All Kits supplied unpainted. 


Butlers printed models

Butlers' Printed Models supplies 3D printed wargames models for wargames from ancient to WW2 to modern in scales from 6mm to 28mm.

 Everything 3D printed to order - so everything is always available, we don't run out of stock!

No assembly required (well almost, the turret or gun is usually separate).

We've listed prices for 6mm, 10mm / 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm and 1:48 scale.

however most models are available in any scale so just ask if you want something a different size.

Battlefields and warriors blogspot

For those of you who enjoy developments in wargaming, news and unbiased reviews (including one on our ‘The war on the Ground’ rules) then we most warmly recommend this Blog. ‘Battlefields and Warriors’ is well worth regularly reading, especially as the hobby seems to be less well served today by the magazines that many of us grew up with.