‘Friday night at the fights’

Here you will find different scenarios that you can use with ‘The War on the Ground’ rules set, play tests and and some interesting WW2 articles. 

Scenario 01 - Bloody Gully. 3rd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment faces Real opposition, 13th June 1944 

Scenario 02 -  King Sugar to anybody September 1944

Scenario 03 - The Mallati Gorge 1943

Scenario 04 - Operation Gaga February 1945
Scenario 05 - 3 Russian armoured cars (and a couple of guns) face down a German mountain battalion. 28th June 1941
Scenario 06 - A little consternation playtest 
Article 01 - KV1 that stopped a German division, the real story!